Pace Engineering is a manufacturer of components for the mining equipment and off-road earth-moving construction equipment industry.  Pace Engineering specializes in wear components that are marketed both for new equipment and the after-market through the original equipment manufactures. Wear components are those parts that were designed wear out during normal operation of the equipment and need replacement. Pace Engineering sits on 6 acres in the city of Willoughby, Ohio, twenty miles East of Cleveland.  Its 125,000 square foot plant houses over forty CNC and fifty conventional machine tools along with a complete heat treat facility and fabricating department with burning, welding and painting. 

     Pace is a totally integrated manufacturing facility with a very little reliance on sub-contractors for steps in the production process. Nearly all the raw materials arriving at Pace Engineering leave as finished components without being out sourced for any processing (ie., heat treating, grinding, gear cutting) except for plating and coatings. This gives rise to one of Pace Engineering's competitive advantages, through put, the time it takes from receipt of an order to the shipment.

Pace Engineering, Inc. 4800 Beidler Road   Willoughby, OH 44094